Welcome to the Mui Wing Chun Wu Shu Academy

We train in the Blue Room at the Australian National University Sports Union, Canberra. The classes are run in a formal but friendly manner in a safe environment with all classes under the guidance of the senior instructor who is assisted by a number of other highly qualified instructors.
Our academy provides an opportunity to learn all of the Wing Chun system with:
  • lessons that suit new starters;
  • an open and active community; and
  • friendly instructors with decades of experience.

Some reasons you may want to join us

We offer a rare opportunity to study Wing Chun comprehensively, alongside instructors who can demonstrate how intently they have trained.

We have many years experience teaching students from a wide range of skill levels and physical capabilities; everyone should feel welcome and safe in our class.

You should never be too old, too busy or too unfit to try something new; something that you will enjoy mastering for the rest of your life.


We believe Wing Chun would be beneficial to anyone willing to learn.

You may be looking for:

  • self defence and increased confidence;
  • increased stamina and flexibility;
  • fitness of the mind and body;
  • relaxation;
  • something unique; or
  • a chance to get out and meet new people.
You will find all of this while training at our academy, and have fun doing it as well.
Come along to watch, ask questions, or enjoy a free first lesson. Check out our Classes for more information.


Please feel free to send us an email to ask any questions, or just turn up and have a look (Classes).

Blue Room, ANU Sports Centre,
Building 18, North Rd, Acton, Canberra ACT